Wine routes

Spain is the second oldest winemaking country of the Mediterranean [1]. It manufactures modern wines, both from fruit and grapes, of high quality and aging potential. Spanish wines are valued around the world. Until recently they were recognised mainly by those from the Rioja region; today, wines from other regions are also available. Wines from the region of Murcia enjoy high recognition not only among connoisseurs. There are two wine routes: Bullas and Jumilla.


BULLAS – a town in the region of Murcia. In its immediate surroundings there are well-known wine routes. If you decide to visit this place, you will discover that this part of Spain has a continuous winemaking history and tradition, owing to 200 traditional vineyards and the Museum of Wine. Apart from tasting wines of high quality, such diverse wines from the Monastrell variety, you can also admire the landscapes of vineyards and historic buildings associated with the wine culture.

Bullas is a town in which the wine route begins. The Roman Empire in its surroundings showed great devotion to cultivation of grapes. Here you can find museums, natural and artificial vineyards, all of which will let you learn and appreciate the tradition of the Region. In addition to wine, you can try mature goat cheese (curado) on the spot, served with grapes from the Region. It is an ideal place to spend time on fresh air, to delight in the scent of vineyards nearby. Interestingly, it also offers accommodation, restaurants, and sports facilities…

Traditionally, Bullas is an area mainly famous for red wines, but it engages in making high-quality white and rosé wines as well. What needs to be distinguished are Monastrell grapes, specific for the region of Muricia: it is a variety subject to the Denominacion de Origen classification. It is characterised by compact appearance, small seeds, very intensive blue and purple colour. Its colour, aroma, flavour and abundance of components give specificity to wines produced from it, also adding some health properties.


In the Region of Murcia there is also the Jumilla Wine Route. Grapevines growing in the surroundings of this city with a beautiful old town are becoming increasingly famous for their quality in entire Spain and abroad, which is corroborated by numerous awards and won competitions in recent years. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by and see the attractiveness of this route yourself.

Jumilla is the city which forms this route. It was the place where roads and cultures met on different stages of history. Here you can find facilities, vineyards and enotecas (wine warehouses, in which visitors can taste and buy wines and sometimes buy something to eat), which allow for discovering the mysteries of wine culture and its significance for the history of Jumilla. There are interesting offers of wine tasting with closed eyes.

Jumilla manufactures strong and expressive wines, similar to those from Bullas produced on the basis of Monastrell grapes. Red wines are characterised by strong colours and a fruity aroma. De crianz wines are fleshy (carnosos). They distinguish themselves by a complicated aroma with a preserved wood flavour. Rosé wines exhibit pink shades, strawberry and cherry, fruity scents, and are tasty and fresh for the palate. There are also excellent white wines manufactured from Macabea grapes, with fresh flavour and clean, “glistening” colours.

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