Visit our apartment in Campoamor. It is located on the eleventh floor with a gorgeous view on the Mediterranean Sea. It is only 350 m to a sandy and well-kept beach. An ideal apartment for a romantic outing for two or a family vacation for four people with a guarantee of excellent weather. Internet access is included in the rental price. The apartment is freshly renovated. Fully and optimally furnished, also with new AC and roller blinds.

  • This 37 m2 apartment consists of a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and glazed balcony.
  • In the bedroom there is a king-size double bed, a spacious, built-in wardrobe and bedside tables with lamps.
  • The living room contains bed for 1 additional person. The glazed balcony with two chairs allows for enjoying beautiful views on the Mediterranean Sea all year long.
  • The kitchen is furnished with home appliances, useful dishes and utensils.
  • In the bathroom there is a large, comfortable shower, a toilet, bidet and washbasin.
  • There is also a parking space available to our guests.


Out of season In season In high season In season Out of season
50 € / day 55 € / day 60 € / day 55 € / day 50 € / day

The above prices are for renting the entire apartment.
The prices do not include the final cleaning of the apartment (€50).
The fee for losing the keys is €50.

Booking Terms and Conditions

To make renting the property a pleasure and an unforgettable experience of staying in Spain, please familiarize yourself with and adhere to the following terms and conditions.

1. General Provisions

These terms and conditions determine the terms and conditions of booking and renting properties listed on the www.mycampoamor.eu website Making a reservation is equivalent to reading and accepting the provisions of these terms and conditions. Making a reservation at the same time constitutes a conclusion of a rental agreement with respect to an accommodation site between Justyna Gaj and the Client under the terms set out in these terms and conditions and the price list.

2. Making a Reservation and Terms of Payment

Reservation can be made online on the mycampoamor.eu website by filling out the Booking Form. Reservation requires an advance payment of 100% of the booking value transferred to the account number provided in the form.

A confirmation of reservation and the bank account information are sent to the Client’s e-mail address. The payment should be made within three working days from the day of receiving the e-mail with preliminary reservation. Failure to make a payment in the above-mentioned deadline is equivalent to the Client’s withdrawal from the rental agreement.

Upon reservation and payment, the Client shall receive a booking confirmation e-mail with contact data to the person who shall hand over the keys to the property on the day of arrival.

After arrival the reservation cannot be shortened.

In the event of resignation from the rental 30 days prior to its commencement, the Client is eligible for a full refund. In the event of resignation from the rental less than 30 days prior to its commencement, the payment is not refundable.

For additional services not covered by the reservation, the payment is to be made upon ordering additional services. The payment should be made by a bank transfer.

The Client shall cover all costs of the bank transfer.

3. Changing Reservation

The Client has a right to change the dates of reservation, extend it or change the number of persons provided that the change is made at least 14 days prior to the initial reservation date. The Client shall inform Justyna Gaj by phone or e-mail about the extent of the changes he/she would like to introduce. Justyna Gaj reserves the right to decline the changes in the terms of the agreement if their introduction is not possible for reasons beyond her control.

In the event of withdrawal from the agreement due to the inability to introduce the changes in the terms of the rental agreement, the Client is not eligible for a refund.

In the event of choosing new dates which fall within a more expensive season, the Client shall be required to cover the difference in prices.
The Client may transfer all his/her rights arising from his/her reservation on another person if the person assumes all the obligations in relation to it. In such an event the Landlord shall be immediately notified about the change of the Client making a reservation and provide personal information of the person who shall assume all rights and obligations under the agreement by sending an e-mail to j.gaj@florianska.com

4. Liability

If an event of force majeure occurs, Justyna Gaj has a right to withdraw from the agreement. This also applies to cases in which the Client’s personal security or that of his/her property cannot be guaranteed for reasons beyond control of Justyna Gaj. The payments made by the Client are in such cases subject to an immediate refund, less the fees for services already provided.

If the arrival does not take place or the stay is delayed or shortened due reasons beyond control of the property Landlord (difficulties with transport, strikes, personal reasons), the Client is obliged to pay the sum due for the rental specified in the booking confirmation e-mail.

The Landlord shall not be held liable for the difficulties in access to the reservation system due to reasons beyond her control. The Landlord may suspend access to the mycampoamor.eu website for the period necessary to eradicate the existing issues.

5. Terms and Scope of Property Rental

The agreement between Justyna Gaj and the Client covers the rental of a property only. Travel, board and organizing the stay are the responsibility of the Client.

The price of the rental includes utility fees (electricity, water, Internet connection). Please keep in mind that the price does not include the fee for final cleaning and bedsheets. The Landlord shall not charge any additional fees on top of those indicated on the website.

6. Client’s Obligations and Accommodation

The arrival shall take place at a time established with the person responsible for handing over the keys. The Client is obliged to inform this person about the estimated time in an e-mail not later than one day prior to the arrival.

Justyna Gaj reserves the right to ask for IDs during collecting the keys to the property.

The number of persons to stay in a given facility is limited to the number specified in the residence registration card. The Client is obliged to inform

Justyna Gaj about any change made in this number by e-mail.

In the event of exceeding this number, the landlord has a right to charge a fee for each additional person or terminate the contract with immediate effect without refunding the payments made earlier.

The Client is obliged to inform immediately the person responsible for handing over the keys about any preexisting damage or deficiencies in the facility and to report damage made during the Client’s stay.

In the event of causing damage in the facility, the Client is obliged to pay compensation in cash fully covering the value of the losses sustained to the person responsible for collecting the keys not later than on the day of departure.

Justyna Gaj shall make a decision with respect to the way of compensation for the damaged property.

Moving furniture in the apartment is forbidden.

In the event of losing keys to the property, the guests are obliged to pay a fee of €50.

Smoking tobacco in the apartment is strictly forbidden.

The Clients are obliged to keep the facility in the preexisting state and to maintain the principles of good neighbourliness, particularly with regard to observing quiet hours between 0:00 and 6:00.

Organising noisy parties in the apartment is not allowed.

Guests are obliged to leave clean dishes and kitchen utilities, as well as dispose of rubbish before leaving the property, as this scope of activities is not included in the final cleaning.

Whenever exiting the facility, guests are obliged to close all the windows and lock all the door locks to which they have received keys, as well as turn off AC.

Please do not leave valuable objects in the facility – the landlord shall not be liable for their loss or damage.

The Client can use the property for the residential purposes only and cannot place it for further rental without the landlord’s consent.

7. Pets

Justyna Gaj does not allow for animals staying in the rented properties unless established otherwise earlier.

8. Privacy Policy

By making a reservation on the mycampoamor.eu website, the Client thereby gives his/her consent to place his/her personal data in the landlord’s database used for the booking process.

9. Applicable Law

The law applicable in disputes between Justyna Gaj and the Client is the Polish law. Disputes shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over Justyna Gaj’s seat.

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Localization & Transport

Calle G a Becque Cmor, Alicante, Hiszpania

You can arrive at Alicante by scheduled flights or low-cost carriers. We recommend Ryanair. http://www.ryanair.com

The easiest way to get from the airport in Alicante to Campoamor is by a rented car. The travel takes not more than an hour.
Check out the possibilities of car rental on http://www.rentalcars.com

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